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Palletloos palletverpakkingsmachine

Palletloos hoesverpakkingsmachine
Palletloos hoesverpakkingsmachinepalletloos pakketPalletloos transportPalletloos transport


Palletles shrink-wrap system

The palletless shrink-wrap packaging according to the contour-hood shrink-wrapping system, goes down in history of shrink-wrap film application as the pioneering achievement by Möllers and replaces the pallet with the packaged goods themselves which becomes a self-supporting unit thanks to the shrink-wrapped cover.

As a result not only is the significant expense for pallet use spared, but storage and transport space is also gained. Contour-hood shrink-wrapped packages are shipping units with integrated transport security. They have proven great stability even under harsh transport conditions, can be easily handled with the usual harnessing equipment and protect their contents hermetically tight against moisture and dirt.
Sensitive goods in contour-hood shrink-wrapped packages can be stored long-term in open-air storage areas and be transported on open vehicles. Download PDF >

Stretchhoes Verpakkingsmachine

stretch hood machine
stretch hood machinePalletverpakkingen


Automatic transverse stretch hooder HSA-series

The automatic transverse stretch hooder HSA-HE with the patented High-Expander-Transfer-Stretch-Technology*) produces stretch hoods from highly extensible stretch film which is stretched by up to 150 % from a tubular film of very small width. In order to pick up the narrow film the stretch-fingers are brought into a narrow-nesting position**).
With the contour stretch process***) the stretch hooder can adapt the stretch-width to the permanently-changing load dimensions. Various pallet formats can be stretched with the same tube width.
Main advantages:
• Great security effect through considerable strength of film's tensile strength
• No film changeover with various pallet formats
• Film saving through high film extensibility

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2 in 1 Palletiseer-/rekhoesmachine

2 in 1 palletiseren hoesverpakken
2 in 1 palletiseren hoesverpakkenCombi palletiseermachine


Palletizing and Stretching: Innovation by Combination 

Palletizing Technology of highest quality combined with our extremely efficient Transverse Stretch Hood Technology – the concept of the 2 in 1 Series. 
Using a minimum of space, Möllers Group combines two well-established and high-end technologies, creating a true innovation in the field of palletizing and load security.
Applying the know-how and experience of both technologies, Möllers Group has developed a two-component system that meets the highest demands: The floor-leveled automatic palletizer stacks packaged goods stably and securely onto any desired pallet format. Finalizing the palletizing process, the integrated Automatic Transverse Stretch Hooder efficiently secures the stacked loads applying only a minimum of film.
Future-oriented Concept Palletizing and load securing in the same single spot requiring just one single control system while profiting from
low energy consumption, without requiring any further conveying technology – a concept with foresight.
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